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MicroNanoBioSystems European Commission Concertation and EPoSS event in Cork/Ireland 24th-27th September 2013

The objective of this workshop, the 7th in a series of conferences on the development of Micro-Nano-Bio Systems, MNBS, is to share the progress in the field, as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead. Over the years the focus of workshop has shifted from a technology development orientation to a business development one. This year the focus was on the distance to market, the how of translating technology success into business success, and the changes that the Horizon 2020 program will bring in the EU’s framework program. To stress the importance of the potential synergies with other smart systems the 2-day workshop was organized in collaboration with EPoSS annual general assembly. The involvement of representatives of key disciplines on the market side such as purchasing and venture capital was sought to give new inputs to the MNBS community. As usual, this workshop offers a podium to enable community building and networking, the sharing of progress in both technology and application development, and the identification of common issues.

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All in all, the workshop attracted over 184 participants from across Europe, who represented many running FP7 projects a few finished FP6 projects, EPoSS workgroup members and other stakeholders from industry and the public sector. The workshop was organized around oral and poster sessions, an open demonstrators’ facility and plenary/thematic discussions. Oral sessions included keynote presentations, MNBS projects’ innovation & technology aspects, industrial issues and issues of joint interest with relevant EPoSS working groups. During the presentations a variety of topics was presented. The keynote part featured the host of the meeting, the Tyndall Institute, as well as the Horizon 2020 program and a successful medical device SME. Two series of presentations mapped th

e progress in 20 projects with the emphasis on innovation process including prototype validation and distance to market. In the follow-up panel discussion the learning points from the presentations were brought up and plenary discussed.

The official report from this workshop is available here.

A presentation, specifically adapted to the innovation & exploitation requests from the European Commission, was given by d-LIVER partner enablingMNT. Also a another, more generic, d-LIVER technical presentation was given at this event and the newly produced d-LIVER poster was displayed.

Programme information: Programme MNBS 2013 and EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum


MNBS 2014, 21 & 22 October 2014, Toulouse, France
The 8th annual concertation and consultation cluster workshop of European Commission (EC) funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems MNBS’14 is co-organized by LAAS-CNRS a Technological Research Centre in southern France and the European Commission.
This event, which is open to external to MNBS cluster participants, is an excellent opportunity to:
o diffuse and exchange information on R&D results and innovative solutions from EC-funded projects and other initiatives in Europe,
o identify synergies and collaborations to tackle challenges covering the full value chain from R&D to exploitation,
o meet with key representatives from industry, research, users and the EC,
o take on an active role in defining research priorities and roadmaps for future research and in the Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation.