The d-LIVER project was funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme in response to FP7 ICT Call Objective ICT-2011.5.1: Personal Health Systems. It addressed the need for an ICT‑enabled bio-artificial liver support system (BAL) to facilitate detoxification as remote transient therapy at the point of need, offering continuous care from hospital to home settings.

Funding finished in September 2015 with strong research results achieved and the consortium is now pursuing a diversity of exploitation opportunities. In summary, d-LIVER has fundamentally advanced an ICT-enabled system to remotely monitor and manage liver patients in their home, such that patient monitoring is continuous and intervention can be both swift and beneficial, leading to improved patient health and survival along with a significant enhancement of patient quality of life.

d-LIVER Commercial Opportunities (Sep 2015)

The innovative liver patient management system (LPMS) supplied with the sensor and instrumentation systems could lead to a completely new dimension of home care for the patient and a concomitant reduction in morbidity and mortality. The management and therapy of patients with chronic liver disease will thus be taken to a new level. As such, this system can control and adapt the dosage of specific drugs with or without confirmation by the physician according to up-to-date health data obtained from the patient. The LPMS can also alert the patient and the hospital when additional interventions or the next liver support session are required. Complications can be prevented by this strategy and costs conclusively reduced when the patient does not need to be admitted to the hospital.

Potentially, this could also be supplemented by the innovative and functioning bio-artificial liver system based on human progenitor cells which have been developed. This possibility would have an enormous impact on the bio-artificial liver field. Furthermore, it is envisaged that the progenitor cells would have exploitable opportunities in drug discovery, screening and toxicity studies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The success of d-LIVER will enhance the quality of healthcare at a European level and will improve European competitiveness in medical device technology. The final d-LIVER report (December 2015) is available at d-LIVER Final Report. Please contact us for more information and to discuss further commercial and exploitation opportunities!

Video demonstrating the motivation and the need for the d-LIVER project (Oct 2013)

The overall goal of the project was to provide safe and cost-effective systems for continuous, context-aware, multi-parametric monitoring of both patient and BAL system parameters in order to: enhance the quality of medical treatment and management; improve the quality of life for patients; reduce the incidence and duration of hospitalization and consequently reduce the health economic burden of chronic liver disease. d-LIVER will facilitate improved treatment whilst enabling patients to spend more time at home under constant, albeit remote, medical supervision.

Animation video explaining the BBI (Blood Biochemistry Instrument) of d-LIVER (Oct 2014)

How the d-Liver Project Can Help Chronic Liver Disease Sufferers, Futuris/Euronews (Nov 2014)

National Institute for Health Research UK Interview with d-Liver Project, NIHR UK (Jun 2015)

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