Leti Innov. Days, Jun’13, Grenoble

June 11, 2013 in d-LIVER Events, Events, Past Events

d-LIVER will contribute to Leti Innovation Days, 25-28 Jun 2013, Grenoble with a presentation on

Blood monitoring for artificial liver” by Marie-Line Cosnier, presented on June 26th, 2013.

Grenoble, June 25-28: Leti will host leading international CEOs, researchers and innovators in fields spanning advanced microelectronics, Green IT, memory, imaging, LEDs and lighting, safety & security, healthcare and the environment.

Information, program and registration… www.leti-innovationdays.com

Key event: Leti’s 15th Annual Review, June 25th and 26th
June 25th includes plenary sessions on:
Envisioning the Future, chaired by Leti CEO Laurent Malier. Insights from industry leaders into the technological innovations that will shape the future.
Enabling the Future chaired by Leti VP Business Development and Communication, Pierre-Damien Berger. Presentations include Leti’s latest technological developments and the key enabling technologies that will drive advancements in a broad range of sectors.
June 26th includes presentations by Leti specialists and partners on Security & Safety, Environment & Health, Green IT and Nanoelectronics.
June 27th and 28th include in-depth workshops on:DESIGN FOR 3D

1ST Leti Innovation Days participants will include international and European decision-makers: CEOs, CTOs, marketing & strategy directors, R&D managers, IT & semiconductor companies, innovative SMEs, end-user companies, research institutes, startups and international press.

Information, program and registration… www.leti-innovationdays.com