Public Deliverables

In addition to presentations, publications, brochures, flyers, and other knowledge made available from the d-LIVER project, a number of reports / deliverables have been defined as public. These will be published here as soon as they have been cleared for publication.

Periodic annual reports:

d-LIVER Final (Periodic) Report (public summary) v1.0  2015-12-04

d-LIVER Periodic Report – Year 3 (public summary) v1.0  2014-11-18

d-LIVER Periodic Report – Year 2 (public summary) v1.0  2013-11-12

d-LIVER Periodic Report – Year 1 (public summary) v1.0  2012-11-20

Other reports / deliverables (sorted by work package):

d-LIVER D1.1 Specification of the clinical requirements for d-LIVER support v1.0  2012-03-30

d-LIVER D1.2 Provision of a general model for management by d-LIVER support v1.0  2012-10-04

d-LIVER D1.3 Specification of essential clinical parameters predicting individual outcome (interim) v1.0  2013-04-18

d-LIVER D1.5 Specification of essential clinical parameters predicting individual outcome  v1.0  2014-07-11

d-LIVER D1.7 Evaluation and description of the economic burden of chronic liver disease v1.0  2015-04-07

d-LIVER D1.8 Extended assessment of the quality of life of patients with chronic liver disease v1.0  2015-09-30

d-LIVER D3.3 Improved sensor integration onto the platform for extended prototype platform v1.0  2013-05-21

d-LIVER D4.1 Report on choice of appropriate polymer materials for fluidic systems v1.0  2012-03-19

d-LIVER D4.4 Report on Fluidic Modules for Blood Biochemistry Cartridge v1.0  2014-05-09

d-LIVER D5.4 Report on the evaluation of concepts for closed-loop control of toxin concentration in cell environment v1.0  2014-07-04

d-LIVER D6.1 Acceptance criteria of the d-LIVER system v1.0  2012-07-30

d-LIVER D6.2 Portable Data Logger v2.0  2013-09-30

d-LIVER D6.4 User Manual for d-LIVER instrumentation platform v1.0  2015-03-06

d-LIVER D7.1 Specification of the overall data communication architecture and security framework v1.0  2012-09-23

d-LIVER D7.6 LPMS Validation Report v1.0  2015-09-30

d-LIVER D8.1 Optimum protocols for BAL based on hepatocytes from rat progenitors v1.0  2012-09-30

d-LIVER D8.4 Report on performance of progenitor-derived hepatocytes on toxic plasma v1.0  2014-04-08

d-LIVER D8.5 Supply of human pancreatic hepatocyte progenitor cell lines v1.0  2014-09-30

d-LIVER D8.6 Report on the performance of hepatocytes during a “proof of concept” clinical trial v1.0  2015-09-30

d-LIVER D9.1 Initial dissemination and training plan v1.0  2012-04-10

d-LIVER D9.3 Design of course for training of healthcare professionals and patients v1.0  2014-10-01

d-LIVER D9.4 Qualitative Market Analysis – Publishable Executive Summary v1.0  2014-11-27

d-LIVER D9.5 Report on industrial workshops v1.0  2015-09-30

d-LIVER D10.1 Project Handbook v1.2  2012-11-14

d-LIVER D10.2 Risk assessment procedure v1.0  2011-12-15