MIE, Sep’14, Istanbul/Turkey

September 3, 2014 in Event Reports and Presentations, Meet d-LIVER, Past Events

Improved Care Through Health Informatics:

Information technologies and information sciences are revolutionizing the healthcare system and deeply change the whole health landscape, the health culture. Care process reengineering, involvement of citizens and patients, continuity of care and health: these are only three of the numerous revolutions taking place for the first time in the history of medicine. This incredible movement is characterized by the double aspects of combining advances in technology and sciences, as well as deep socio-cultural changes. And this is precisely the heart of the challenge.

It is not enough to be spectators; we need to be, and we are, actors. Thus, it is necessary to move forward while building evidences, making sure that knowledge is sharable, that experiences are reproducible. Building evidences and using standards are thus important aspects of our work. It is necessary to keep the ultimate goal in mind: improving healthcare! And thus, all the time, directing our projects and activities towards this goal. Finally, because health determinants are local, because health threats are local, we have also to make sure that local characteristics are respected. To quote Ilias Iakovidis: “Medicine is a global science, and a local art”.

The MIE 2014 conference addresses, but is not limited to, the following categories and themes:

Methodology (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Information and Knowledge Representation
  • Information and Knowledge Processing
  • Empirical Research Methodologies

Applications (systems, goals, problems, policies)

  • Improved healthcare through health informatics (theme of the conference)
  • Health-care service delivery
  • Policy, financing and stewardship
  • Research and education
  • Specific topics

A d-LIVER presentation has been given: A novel personal health system with integrated decision support and guidance for the management of chronic liver disease, by Stephan Kiefer from Fraunhofer IBMT. The corresponding paper is available at IOSpress.