The final d-LIVER report is available at d-LIVER Final Report, December 2015.

TOP Story on Cordis: d-LIVER: EU project designs home care system for liver patients, October 2014 (download PDF)

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d-LIVER EC project factsheet (A4, 2 pages printable), November 2012

d-LIVER Flyer (A4, 2 pages printable), June 2012

d-LIVER Project Outline Slide, February 2012

Further documents and reports are available for download at The Project – Public Deliverables


Philip M. E. Probert, Stephanie K. Meyer, Fouzeyyah Alsaeedi, Andrew A. Axon, Emma A. Fairhall, Karen Wallace, Michelle Charles, Fiona Oakley, Paul A. Jowsey, Peter G. Blaina and Matthew C. Wright
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d-LIVER – A European Commission project to develop a solution for outpatient management of the chronic liver failure patient.
Hepatology International, 7: Suppl 1, S732, 2013


Presentations from the d-LIVER Showcase Workshop, May 2015:
d-LIVER Workshop Overview
, Prof Calum McNeil, Newcastle University, UK
The clinical need for improved management of chronic liver disease, Dr Jim Orr, Newcastle University, UK
d-LIVER Blood Biochemistry Instrument, Stephan Dasen, CSEM, Switzerland
d-LIVER Microfluidic Cartridge, Dr Tobias Schunk, Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, Germany
d-LIVER Sensors Technology, Prof Ciara O’Sullivan, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
d-LIVER Wearable Devices for Vital Signs Monitoring, Frode Strisland, SINTEF, Norway
d-LIVER Home Monitoring for Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE), Dr Jim Orr, Newcastle University, UK
d-LIVER Bioartificial liver support unit (BAL), Dr Katrin Zeilinger, University Hospital Charité / StemCell Systems GmbH, Germany
d-LIVER Progenitor cells for bioartificial liver, Prof Matt Wright, Newcastle University, UK

Other presentations:

A novel personal health system with integrated decision support and guidance for the management of chronic liver disease, at MIE, September 2014, Istanbul/Turkey.

d-LIVER project overview at Micro Nano Bio Concertation meeting, organised by the European Commission, September 2013, Tyndall, Cork/Ireland

Relative Cost of Hepatocytes at “d-LIVER Review Meeting”, December 2012, Brussels/Belgium

d-Liver – a New Approach for Bridging Therapy to Transplantation of the Chronic Liver Failure Patient and Poster at “24th International Congress of The Transplantation Society”, July 2012, Berlin/Germany

(in German) d-LIVER- Ein neuartiges Behandlungskonzept für Patienten mit chronischer Lebererkrankung at “Biotest Wilsede-Workshop für experimentelle und klinische Lebertransplantation und Hepatologie”, June 2012, Wilsede/Germany

Press Releases and articles:

Press Release in English:  d-LIVER Showcase Workshop, May 2015

Newspaper Article in French: La boîte bleue qui surveillera les malades du foie à domicile (by CSEM), April 2015

Article/interview in Italian: Malattie del fegato, nasce d-LIVER: Live longer, live better, November 2014

Press Release in English: Artificial liver support for the chronically ill (by SINTEF), June 2013

Press Release in Norwegian: Kunstig lever utenfor kroppen (by SINTEF), May 2013

Press Release in German: FhG-IBMT d-LIVER Presseinformation, February 2012