SCS – Germany

Stem Cell Systems GmbH

Flughafen Tempelhof, Hangar VI
12101 Berlin, Germany

d-LIVER Contact:

Thomas Bold
CEO / Prokurist
Tel: +49 30 62901880
E-mail: thomas.bold(at)

Stem Cell Systems (SCS) is a Berlin-based biomedical R&D company engaged in the development of advanced cell culture bioreactors and electronically controlled perfusion systems. The company’s patented core technologies serve as a platform for a wide range of potential products, they address both clinical needs in the field of cell based therapies, and research needs in stem cell technology. Our primary focus is on liver cells for liver therapy.

Currently, SCS develops and produces prototypes and small scale series of 3-D hollow fibre bioreactor systems, along with the necessary pump and control devices. Our range of bioreactors contain either an 800 ml cell compartment device for clinical use, or 8 ml, 2ml and 1 ml cell compartment devices for analytical purposes.

The SCS experts are involved in several scientific projects and strategic collaborations in the area of Regenerative Medicine, e.g. with Charité, Berlin (AG Experimentelle Chirurgie), the University of Pittsburgh (McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine) and Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad Alta Specializzazione, Palermo (Unità di Medicina Rigenerativa e Terapie Cellulari)

SCS runs a 100m2 clean room with 5 laminar flow workplaces for bioreactor development and production, a polyurethane workshop for rapid prototyping, workshops for the development and production of perfusion devices. The company works on the basis of a quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

In d-LIVER, SCS works on further development and adaptation of a perfusion system for 3-D bioreactors, incorporating electronic measurement and control of temperature and flow rates as well as electronic measurement of relevant parameters, such as pH, oxygen etc. The system will provide interfaces for external data processing.

Thomas Bold will be the team leader at SCS. He graduated in business management and worked since its foundation and for 8 years as CEO for Hybrid Organ GmbH, a Charité spin-off company (bioreactor technology and clinical liver support). Since 2005 he has been CEO for Stem Cell Systems GmbH, responsible for the company’s business plans and the communication and negotiations with possible industry partners. During the last 13 years he has been involved in many research projects in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, with different partners, e.g. Charité, Berlin, the University of Pittsburgh, the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, and others. He gained further professional qualification as Quality Manager for QM systems according to ISO 9001ff and ISO 13485.

Frank Schubert is a graduate engineer specialized in medical technology. He holds a key position at SCS and is responsible for bioreactor development and development of perfusion system. He has worked in this field and with SCS for several years.

Peter Zinnbauer is a technician in the field of information technology and gained during his work with SCS a very specialized expertise in the design of the electronic components of our perfusion systems. He has also worked in this field and for SCS for several years.