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Gardiner Building, Brunel Science Park,  Kingston Lane,  Uxbridge,  UB8 3PQ,  United Kingdom

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David Wenn
Tel: +44 758 5606228
E-mail: davew(at)ixscient.com
Website: www.ixscient.com


iXscient is a company specialising in the administration and project management of large international research and development programmes. It has significant experience in both Framework 5 and Framework 6 projects covering multiple thematic areas and instruments.

It has successfully managed two Integrated Projects – SmartHEALTH and ProeTEX under FP6, and is currently managing CD-MEDICS (IP) and NOMS (STREP) under FP7. Its employees also have experience of managing Networks of Excellence (SAFE), IPs (INSTINCT) and STREPs (Diadem) as well as a number of FP5 programmes (KEMiCC, AWACCS, Optonanogen and CellSens).

iXscient has a clear understanding of the issues, problems and requirements of running large, multidisciplinary, collaborative research programmes. It has developed successful project management approaches focused on the requirements of EC-funded programmes and the international nature of the consortia to make the day to day running of projects and the necessary reporting and oversight an effective and efficient tool that can quickly be implemented.

iXscient, although primarily a management company, has significant technical and commercial experience to draw upon including:

  • Commercial management of a large R+D facility
  • Constructing collaborative research programmes and proposal writing
  • Commercialising intellectual property developed from research
  • Providing clients with technology exploitation opportunities, including identifying potential partners for development projects, finding potential funding sources, and organising and managing development projects, licensing deals or company start-ups
  • Delivering commercial research on time and to budget
  • Direct technical research experience in electronic engineering and instrument design, microengineering, microfluidics, microchemistry, nanotechnology, optics, computing and data mining.

David Wenn is an experienced project manager with many years experience of commercial R&D including industrial, national and international collaborative programmes as well as FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects. In particular, he was Project Manager for SmartHEALTH, a large FP6 Integrated Project with over 25 partners. He has a BSc in Chemistry, Physics and Computing. He also has significant technical expertise in microengineering, nanotechnology and microfluidics. He was previously Operations Manager for a large group within a major research organisation.

Mike Jackson is also an experienced project manager and has run a number of EC-funded programmes in FP5, FP6 and FP7. He also has significant experience of Business Development, having significant responsibility for both writing and delivering research programmes and generating new business opportunities from the results of research. He has a BSc in Electronic Engineering and an MBA together with experience of managing large multi-disciplinary teams. His technical expertise lies in the area of instrumentation and microengineering.

Dr Nicholas Walker has run major R&D departments in micro-systems and micro-fluidics and set up and coordinated EC programmes, including having a key role in initiating, coordinating and managing programmes in Frameworks 5, 6 and 7. He is a medical doctor with a PhD in computer science and has been involved in spinning-out a number of start-up companies from a research and development base.