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Calle Severo Ochoa, nº 2
Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia, Campanillas
29590 Malaga, Spain

d-LIVER Contact:

Janie Baños
Projects Division Director
Tel: +34 952619100
E-mail: jbanos(at)

AT4 wireless is a test house and test tool provider for wireless and telecommunication technologies, and also a system integrator providing solutions and services to the eHealth sector including tele-assistance. The range of technologies covered by AT4 wireless products and services today is wide, including for example GSM, GPRS, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, NFC, RFID, IPv6, Bluetooth and Continua. The eHealth group in the company has strong skills on the area of software development and data management, with own software solutions and experienced in providing integration with information systems. The key aspect of AT4 wireless solutions is to bring mobility and ubiquitous access to data through wireless and mobile communication technologies and stable standards such as HL7 and ISO/IEEE/EN 11073.

Today AT4 wireless has more than 300 employees and over 80% of them have a degree in telecommunications, electronics, computer or industrial engineering and have gained strong experience in testing and products or systems development. AT4 wireless is a stable company with strong international sales and with a customer base of hundreds of companies and organizations in Europe, North America and Asia. AT4 wireless has strong experience from international and especially European R&D projects.

The main role of AT4 wireless in the project is in WP7 where AT4 wireless will contribute on the development of the communication and security framework for d-LIVER platform. This Workpackage will establish a strong cooperation with others providing requirements for the definition the communication modules. Also, AT4 wireless will contribute to the validation plan definition and execution.

AT4 wireless is an active member in Continua Health Alliance and was selected already in 2008 to develop an automated Certification Test Tool to be used within the Continua Health Alliance certification program, and to perform certification testing services for new Continua specified health and fitness devices. On the area of information systems AT4 wireless has experience with HL7 and has delivered for example projects to hospitals in Spain, developing and integrating innovative wireless solutions into the Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

Ms. Janie Baños received her PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Madrid (Spain) in 1987. She has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications projects management, being manager of Telecommunication Division of AT4 wireless for many years and currently Director of Projects Division. For some years, she has been responsible for R&D projects in AT4 wireless, participating in many international initiatives and working groups. In addition, she teaches at the University of Málaga.

Francisco Nuñez received his MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Madrid (Spain) in 1979. He has more than 27 years of experience in telecommunications projects management, being manager of Engineering and Solutions Division of AT4 wireless since 2006, managing strategies on wireless technologies (mainly RFID, WSN and short range standards). From some years ago, he was involved in R&D projects in national and international companies. In addition, he is an evaluator of European R&D Programs.

Francisco Cañas received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Valencia (Spain) in 1986. He has more than 20 years of experience in electronic and telecommunications. He was working many years in the AT4 wireless laboratory, involved in setting up the testing facilities for safety, EMC and environmental of electric and electronic products (industrial and telecommunications). Now he is the technical responsible of Engineering and Solutions Division in AT4 wireless and is participating in many development projects with different sort range communications technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.