enablingMNT (4M2C) – Germany

enablingMNT GmbH (formerly: 4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH)
Holsteinische Str 23
12161 Berlin, Germany

d-LIVER Contact:

Patric Salomon
Managing Director
Tel: +49 30 24357870
E-mail: patric(at)enablingmnt.com
Website: www.enablingmnt.com


enablingMNT GmbH was established in 2003 under the name “4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH” and has been renamed to enablingMNT in January 2013 to reflect its international business activities in the frame of the enablingMNT Group with offices in The Netherlands, the UK and in Germany. enablingMNT focuses on Micro Nano Technologies (MNT) and its widespread application areas. The group addresses specific customer requirements in relation to market intelligence, media relations, technical insight, partnerships, roadmapping, strategic development plans and investment decisions.

The enablingMNT group provides support to new and established businesses in the Micro & Nano Technology (MNT) and System Integration sectors where the uptake of MNT offers enhanced performance and potential market advantage. Its partners each have over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and technology related services delivered to both private and public sector customers. The group have maintained a leading position in the field through strong participation in European projects in the MNT and System Integration areas and collaboration with international support organisations including MEMS Industry Group, NEXUS, MANCEF, IVAM, etc.

enablingMNT has its focus on all aspects of marketing and strategy support for the MNT dependant industry. This includes: Business Strategy Consulting, Project Management, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales/Partner Network Development, Market Research, Outsourcing of Manufacturing/Technology, and Publication of enablingMNT Industry Reports. The company facilitates the commercialisation of new products and industrialisation of MNT in market segments such as (but not limited to) Environmental, Manufacturing, Food, Medical, and Energy. Significant emphasis is put at considering the whole supply chain of MNT.

In addition to its industry projects, enablingMNT has been involved in projects with focus on the transfer of R&D results into industry, business models for R&D services, roadmapping, and on marketing/dissemination for engineering/manufacturing services. Within the FP6 NoE PATENT-DfMM, the company has been responsible for dissemination and also supported the exploitation of research into commercial service offers. Within the Europractice projects AWARDEV and BRIDGE, enablingMNT Germany has supported dissemination and marketing through the publication of MST News pages and booths at conferences/exhibitions. enablingMNT has also built extensive links into the ACC/NMS countries.

In d-LIVER, enablingMNT leads workpackage 9, which is dedicated entirely to dissemination, training, exploitation and management of Intellectual Property.

Patric Salomon runs the German office of enablingMNT and is a specialist in marketing and commercialisation strategies. His company, initially incorporated as “4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH” in 2002 and renamed “enablingMNT GmbH” in January 2013, has a focus on all aspects of marketing and strategy support for the MNT dependant industry. Patric has an engineering degree in microelectronics from Berlin Technical University. He was a project manager for the German national microsystems programme at VDI/VDE-IT and the editor of mstnews; he launched German operations for French MEMS provider MEMSCAP, and had been contracted to run operations of The NEXUS Microsystems Association (Switzerland) during 2008-09. In addition to reviewing/evaluating for the European Commission, he is currently working on exploitation strategies, publicity, and roadmapping of MNT research and also advising/supporting companies in marketing strategies and press relations.